Hamra preparing a “Hamra Harlem Shake” Video


We have all watched at least one or two videos of the “Harlem Shake” dance that has invaded the social media recently. The video that includes some sick beats and some serious crazy dancing has become a phenomenon all over the world.

We have witnessed a couple of Harlem Shake videos in Lebanon, but they are nothing compared to what is being planned for Hamra.. One of the biggest Harlem Shake videos with more than 300 people expected to take part in it. The announcement was made on Hamra facebook page and they are calling for volunteers to take part in this project. If this project goes through and Hamra Harlem Shake goes live, it will be one of the biggest Harlem Shake videos worldwide..

Interested volunteers can contact Hamra Facebook Page..

So are you ready to HARLEM SHAKE it in Hamra Street!?