Freezing? Sick and Tired of Winter? Read this.

If you’re sitting at home wearing 4 layers of clothing, a scarf, thick socks, and you’re considering surgically attaching yourself to your heater –  you’re not alone. Between the electricity cuts and the freezing weather, we are all cold. BUT if you’re already sick and tired of winter and you’re dreaming and reminiscing of wild nights at summer rooftops, watching girls flaunt their  tini wini bikinis (or being that girl) and indulging in sweet melting sorbet, we’ve got news for you: IT’S ONLY JANUARY!

So. Get a grip on the reality that winter is still in its prime and you’ve got at least 3 -4 more months left before any of the above are possible/logical activities. Embrace it and make the most of the cold season! We at care about you and the health of your psyche. Here’s a list of things to do in the freezing cold winter that will keep you happy and sane:

If you’re not a city dweller, or want to take a litte trip outside Beirut (winter is definitely the time to do it), try skiing or snowboarding! We highly recommend this super-fun and healthy activity. It will not only keep you warm and is a great form of exercise, but it’s also one of the best ways to have fun. Whether you’re skiing alone, with a friend, your family, or in a big group, it’s an exiting rush that everyone can enjoy. You can also rent a fun snow vehicle and drive around “dune bashing” or some other form of exhilarating ride in the snow. If you’re a veteran, you know where to go! And for beginners, head to the great slopes of Faraya/ Faqra and in the Cedars in North Lebanon. You can hire skilled ski instructors and it’s always nice to learn something new. Added bonus: falling flat on your face is a lot more convenient  because the ice is already there! And if you’re really lucky, you’ll go up on a weekend when there’s  a sexy lingerie show going on right in the snow. It happens every year.

And no one can go home without some proper après-ski activities. From casual dinners with winter favorites like fondue, to wild parties at some of the clubs in the area, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. Even those who aren’t big fans of daytime winter sports can partake in all the night time fun in the snow.

When all the fun is over, if you’re not in the mood to drive down to your house (or you plan on getting a head start on the next day’s skiing/snowboarding), why not sleep in one of the lovely hotels or rent a chalet? It’s the perfect weekend getaway and you’ll feel like you went to Europe and back, in a fraction of the time, in the comfort of your car (no horrible visa process necessary). 

For those who prefer the comfort of Beirut, don’t dispair. We’ve thought about you too. Since winter is cold, our bodies need to store more fat. Worry about the dieting later (when you start hitting the beach), for now just enjoy gaining a little extra “warmth” around your belly area. It’s ok, everyone is doing it. Beirut is known for it’s amazing food so it shouldn’t be difficult to choose from the zillions of restaurants, from the super dressy to the casual and cool, from fast food joints to “slow food” organic places, we’ve got it all.

Go to the movies there are tons of great ones out this winter. Check out what’s playing when and where here. The Oscars are coming up so go watch one of the nominees, or something funny to help warm you up. And who goes to the movies and does nothing else afterwards? It’s the perfect formula for a date, and it’s a great night out with your buddies. After the movie it’s always great to talk about how much you loved or hated the story, that amazing car chase scene, or that hideous dress that one actress was wearing. So make sure you’ve reserved at your favorite place and have a great casual meal with friends.

Some people aren’t the casual type. When they go out, the world needs to notice. Well, you’re in luck. Winter is the perfect time to wear those fabulous new boots, and that amazing leather jacket. So dress to the nines and turn heads at one of the fancier places in town, from classy lounge bars to hot and happenin’ clubs. Many of winter indoor venues have nightly themes so pick the one you want and go all out! If Lebanese people are known for anything other than their generosity, it’s this: They know how to look good. So go on, dress up. Do it.

Although… you may have a problem. What to wear? Again you’re in luck because now is THE time for winter sales. Get the best deals at any of the shops around town, from international designers, to local up-and-coming fashion brands, to world-wide favorites at your local mall. You’ll find something for any occasion…plus, running around a mall is great exercise and keeps your warm!

And where do all of you meet? At the biggest events in the country, of course! That’s when the skiiers come back down the mountain, and the casual and formal peeps suddenly speak the same language. Lebanon always has awesome events and this winter there are lots. From massive gigs like Mamma Mia (the musical), to smaller (but just as awesome) events at the coolest venues and performances in clubs and bars, these events really showcase talent, and usually attract a wide crowd.

Keep checking our calendar for more and more updates on great events, fun theme nights, delicious dinners and the hottest clubs. Make the most of winter this year!