“Laugh more, Worry less, Party harder”: Add-Mind’s Claude Saba

In a country known for its unmatched clubbing and nightlife the men/women behind the doors of the hottest spots in town hold many responsibilities. Day in and day out hundreds of people fill the clubs around town, yet know very little about the individuals behind the scenes who make sure the nights of partying run smoothly. As the nightlife editor in chief at BeirutNightLife.com I feel it is my duty to introduce said people to the public. With that said allow me to introduce Mr. Claude Saba, a cool, friendly, intelligent and all around awesome guy who manages one, and now two, of the hottest clubs in Lebanon. Club White Beirut, a veteran club that needs no introduction and most recently club MAD, a new concept by the Add-mind family. When 2012 hit club MAD’s resolution was to “laugh more, worry less, party harder, face our fears, dream big, plan adventures, do what we love, stay strong and regret nothing”…not only have they stuck to this motto but club guests seem to follow along with MAD’s attitude as soon as they walk though the doors. Claude took the time out of his busy schedule to fill me in about the novel club, his personal life and more….

First I wanted to get the scoop behind MAD, so I asked Claude about the concept behind the place.

The concept behind MAD is to shift the nightlife experience from the usual, luxury style, show off if you will, to wild, crazy and fanatic. In other words we wanted to push our club guests beyond their sane states.”

I loved that answer!

What is Claude’s position at White and MAD? What does he do on a nightly basis?

I am the manager of the outlets. On a nightly basis my job is to organize the entire operation, handle the reservations including guest lists as well as resolve any issues or problems that may arise throughout the evening.

I hate getting into the business side of things, but I had to know…Is MAD doing as well as Add-mind hoped?

Claude assured that, “It’s doing even better than we had hoped 🙂 “

Now, I am positive that there is stiff nightlife competition in Lebanon, but I wondered if the nightlife professionals feel that way as well.

Of course the competition in Beirut is getting tougher and tougher, but in the end all of the A-class night clubs, such as MAD and White, will always be considered the “La Crème de la Crème”.

My favorite aspect about MAD is how casual it is. It seems people are at the club for one reason, to let loose and have a great time. Claude’s favorite aspect about MAD is,

The music, because good music always attracts great people.

Do you love clubbing or have you gotten used to it as a job?

Clubbing became a major part of my life. We work as well as party every single night.

Sounds perfect! What has been the best or your favorite night at MAD?

Actually every night has its specialty and all have been great so far, but I have to say I love Thursdays are quite remarkable.”

Has anything really MAD or crazy happened at the club?

People adhering to the true MAD environment that we are providing has been very entertaining.

I asked Claude to end this interview with a message to the people of Lebanon.

Forget about politics and just go MAD! 🙂 “

Claude’s quick picks:
Favorite TV radio station:
Favorite TV station: MTV
Favorite Club: White Beirut
Favorite Pub: Cassis
Favorite Restaurant: Iris
Hobbies: Basket Ball and Rally
What music or artist are you listening to most: Armin
Favorite thing to do that doesn’t have to do with nightlife: Shopping

So there you have it, an introduction to Claude Saba…Make sure to stop into MAD and White and say hello!