F*ck Bottle Service: 13 Reasons I’ll Always Choose A Bar Over A Club



Here are just a few reasons out of a million why the bars are better than the clubs.

1. You can actually have a conversation.
It’s amazing how much you can hear without Alesso blasting in your ear.

2. You can drink what you want when you want.
You can’t order a pitcher of beer at the clubs. You’re stuck with vodka bottle.

3. Guys are significantly less douchey.
A guy who likes to club is a douche. Simple as that. He’s not the guy who want to have a beer with his friends — he’s the guy who wants to drop $5k on a table with some top-shelf liquor so girls will see how rich he is and obviously go home with him.

There will obviously always be some douches at the bars. But not every guy there is a douche.

4. There is no hierarchy.
Bars have no VIP section for the richest and most beautiful people. Everyone at the bar is equal.

5. There’s a chance you might actually meet someone.
The guy you meet at the bars has to accomplish something epic: He has to make conversation with you.

If you two end up hitting it off, it’s because you’ve already connected on a level that goes beyond physical attraction.

As I mentioned before, you can’t have a conversation at the clubs. So even if you and the $5k-on-the-table douche really are meant to be, odds are you’re not going home with him because of his brilliant mind.

6. The music is better.
Mostly because the bars play actual music. Everyone can sing along to all sorts of feel-good classics ranging from “Sweet Caroline” to “Hey Ya.”

Who can sing along to “Levels”?

7. You don’t spend stupid money.
After cover charges, ridiculously overpriced drinks and bottle service, the clubs are absurdly expensive.

Go for a good happy hour at your neighborhood bar sans cover charge,and see how much money you save.

8. There is no desperation.
No waiting in line for thirty hours while some entitled bouncer decides if you’re pretty enough to get in.

9. You can wear whatever the f*ck you want.
If you want to wear your tight bodycon dress and stilettos to the bars, go for it. There will be enough people there pre- and post-clubbing to make you look normal.

But you can also wear something actually comfortable (like, idk, jeans) without feeling like a total idiot.

10. Your night doesn’t start at midnight.
Bars and clubs close at the same time. The difference is in when you can show up. Nobody is at the clubs before midnight. You can be at a bar as early as four in the afternoon.

Clubbing doesn’t just blow for anyone with semi-normal sleeping habits. It also significantly cuts down on the amount of time you have to actually be out having fun.

11. The bartender is less douchey.
The bartender here doesn’t think mastering the art of the “Lavendar Fizz” makes him God’s gift to the earth. WTF even is that?!

12. Bars aren’t sexist.
Girls don’t have to dress in degrading outfits, and guys can get in without paying a ridiculously expensive guys-only cover charge.

13. You can sit down without spending a grand.
Where can you sit at bars? Anywhere you want … without charge!

Source: http://elitedaily.com/