When Faqra hosts Beirut, Ramadan has a different taste

Ramadan is around the corner; it is not only the time for families to gather and share a meal well deserved after long hours of fasting but most importantly the time to think about all those in need.

The need is not restricted to providing their families a meal, it can be the need of human affection and care. Sometimes a smile can be the best thing we offer.

Makhzoumi foundation has been acting since 1997, already 20 years of hard work and empowering the community without distinctions. Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi and his wife has founded this organization to make a difference; in the frame of education,  healthcare and support to the society.

Besides all the sectors in which it is active, and the services it provides, their other NGO called Beirutiyat hosts on yearly basis Ramadan villages which is dedicated to providing daily iftars to the people in need without distinction. Beirutiyat story, as told on their facebook page,  is to pay homage to the heart of this glorious country, this melting pot for cultures, religions, and ethnicities, and a place where a heterogeneous society becomes more homogeneous, unified, and harmonious.

The Lebanese mark their calendars yearly to follow the launching of Beirutiyat’s Ramadan festivities, therefore it has to be organized by trustful persons, and who else but Faqra catering. Since 2004, Faqra marked itself on the top of the events; organizations.

Perfection guaranteed with the attention to the details and the exotic touch added to the events they cater. Nothing is overlooked.

This year, I was lucky enough to attend the launching of Beirutiyat. Upon arrival, the sense of coordination between the different teams can be felt.

Hostesses with their Kaftans are eager to welcome the invited people with a large smile to guide them to their tables.

The welcome drink was traditional with a twist:

  1. Licorice drink, amareldine, jallab and lemonade to satisfy thirst

2. Trays of termos, freshly roasted peanuts and corn

3. Kaak filled with labne, white cheese and zaatar as well as saj stations.

4. Cotton candy bicycle!

The venue was decorated with lanterns and candles, and tables were set with the finest cutlery and flowers. Darwich souvenirs were also distributed for the visitors.

The program was diverse from the national Lebanese anthem and Quran Kareem to a beautiful coordinated show from the scouts followed by a performance from the darawich. We were transported to the golden era!

Speeches from the host Mr. Makhzoumi and the Mufti Deryan emphasized the importance of Ramadan values.

After that, the widest lavish buffet was open. Faqra surely knows how to satisfy the eager tastes with different live stations marrying traditional Lebanese cuisine to an exotic touch from the salads (fatoush and tabbouli mixed freshly) to live cooking stations of foul, falafel, roasted lamb and chicken, fried bizri, shawarma and kebbe. As if this was not enough, trays of mezze and different salads and hot plates you name it they had it. I will tickle your bellies with these photos of the large selection.
Not to mention that there both sides of the venues were catered with mirroring stations along with two bars serving drinks as per your cravings.

Though winter had to make an appearance with pouring rain, I have to congratulate the organizers for handling the situation in the professional way, and to comfort you, do not worry no one was ready to leave before filling those stomachs with what their eyes were craving!

Dessert, yes please, do you think I was ready to omit that! Of course you can find the knefe, halawet el jibn, osmaleyi, mafrouke, aish el saraya to name few but I loved the most Tartes with an oriental twist such as the ones with halawe and dried apricots
Indeed the event was in good hands, Faqra catering team was outstanding working hand in hand to make the most out of this evening to all of us there. They surely deserve their spot as leaders in the market.

As for the hosts, one can only pay respect to such initiatives, needless to say that all the food left was distributed to families in need. You can also contact them if you want to contribute with your food, money or time.

With this said, Ramadan kareem to all of you and your families.

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