Dos and Don’ts of Taking a #Selfie


It’s narcissistic, it’s often a waste of time, and sometimes (ok, most of the time) you look idiotic doing it. Probably the right thing to do is not take a selfie at all. But we are the selfie generation, right? So if you’re going to do it, at least do it right. Here are some basic guidelines.

Do choose a nice background. A selfie can be just as pretty and artistic as the next picture. Get a cool vibe going or capture a beautiful scene (but with yourself as the center point, of course)

Do make sure you have good lighting. Just because it’s a selfie doesn’t mean it should be poorly lit. Every amateur certified selfier knows the importance of good lighting on the visage.

Do get a good angle. If the focus of the photo is you, you definitely need to look good. Angles are everything so learn which ones make you look good and bad. If you tend to have a double chin, take the picture from above. If you have a good side, take it from that side.


Do get a phone with front and back cameras. Sometimes you need to see yourself. Chopped heads are not really a selfie?

Do filter. Filters were created for a reason, so use them to look your best.

Do strike a pose. You might as well. #Shameless

Do be silly. It’s a fun kind of photo and people will probably make fun of you for taking it anyway so making it silly and funny can make it about poking fun at yourself.

Do take photos with friends. I’m not sure if this is still considered a selfie but if you’re taking it of yourselves I suppose it is. And then it’s not AS narcissistic. Denial?


DON’T DON’T DON’T look like a duck. At the very very least, don’t duck face it in your selfies. Maybe your lips do look bigger, but you also look very stupid.

Do make sure you look hot. I don’t think this even needs to be on the list but it’s surprising the number of pretty people posting horrid pictures of themselves. If it’s not flattering, delete and take another one. Duh?

Do pose with animals. It’s cute and it’s a little bit less of a selfie because it’s like your little moment with a furry or feathery or leathery creature. #awwwww

Don’t use children. I think animals are ok, but we should draw the line at children.

Don’t take selfies at inappropriate places. It’s all good and fun but there was a recent story on the popularity of selfies at funerals…. And that’s just disrespectful. Same goes for memorials or places of tragic events.


Do beware of what’s in the background. There’s loads of viral selfies with people on toilets in the background, or items you don’t want to be seen owning or using, and there’s also the infamous photo bombers. Then again, these could make for an even better photo! #Fail

Don’t lie. If it’s a selfie, just say it is. Don’t caption it pretending someone else took it and then realize that there was an unfortunate mirror behind you that completely exposes your fib. If you’re taking selfies, you might as well be unapologetic about it.

Don’t overdo it. A selfie here and there is ok but if your entire Instagram account or Facebook profile picture album is selfies… maybe it’s time to diversify and get some friends that will take photos of / with you.