DJs of Lebanon: Pulse-ing Around the World with Roy Malakian

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  “In music the passions enjoy themselves.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

The Lebanese are renowned for their many talents, and music is definitely one of them. With so many outstanding DJs in the country, we thought we’d shine a spotlight to highlight some of the best talents in the field by launching the DJs of Lebanon. It’s a way to thank them for providing the soundtrack to some of the best nights of our lives and keep the beats going and going and going.

Enthralled by music from a young age, Roy Malakian is currently a stellar sound master with his radio show The Pulse broadcast worldwide in over 50 countries. His tracks are backed by the elite in Electronic Music like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, and countless others. We got up close and personal with the Radio One DJ:

How did you start your DJing career?

When I was growing up my two main interests were martial arts and rock music. I didn’t miss any opportunities to go to parties and clubs and to listen to all kinds of different music. One day a DJ friend of mine from Radio One took me to visit their radio studios and I became very intrested in the radio business so I ended up joining Radio One.

Who and what are the inspirations for your music?

I believe my inspiration comes from God, although I do have many favorite bands. I like to listen to music by bands like Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream and others. I don’t have any specific inspirations in Electronic Dance Muisc.

How would you define your genre of music?

Progressive House, Techno, Tech House, Deep House

Where can we listen to you play?

My weekly radio show on Radio One Lebanon, The Pulse on Saturday nights from midnight to 6 AM. My gigs are posted on my website and Facebook page.

What are some highlights of your career? 

The main highlights were the launch of my radio show “The Pulse” on (the world’s largest digital radio network that hosts and covers the biggest international artists). Also hosting Paul Oakenfold, Roger Shah, Eddie Halliwell and Nicky Romero on my show on Radio One Lebanon. One of my most exciting moments was when I signed my latest single “Vital Signs” which featured Chris Jones on Blackhole Recordings (which is Tiesto’s label) along side the accoustic version which was featuring Eller Van Buuren on the Playa del Lounge album mixed by Pedro del Mar.

What was your favorite event or show you ever played and why?

Tiesto in Beirut, because of the promotion and the crowd. I really enjoyed the fact that everyone stayed through till the after hours until morning and enjoyed my closing set. I also loved the Smirnoff Exchange event in Thailand because of the great line up that I was a part of, and a very responsive crowd that night.

How many tracks have you released?

I have 5 tracks released already and still going and working on new ones. My next release will be very soon actually. I have also been working on some remixes for hits and will be sharing them also.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

More singles, remixes, albums and gigs.

What’s the most difficult part about being a DJ?

Being at work on weekends and holidays when everybody else is off work and enjoying themselves.

What’s the best part of being a DJ?

Seeing the people dancing, happy and having a great time.

Do you have any other projects going on right now, other than DJing?

Right now I’m producing tracks and remixes in collaboration with international artists.

Do you have some hobbies? Can you tell us more about those?

Reading, I like to read about life, science and some fiction. But music will always be my passion and biggest interest… it’s my ongoing hobby.

Where can we follow your news and updates? Do you have a fanpage? 

What’s your favorite tune on your iPod right now?

Dhafer Youssef – Odd Elegy

How would you describe Lebanon in one sentence?

My mother land

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you very very much to for supporting music and DJs.