DJ Keano Gray Talks to BNL About His Hot New Party Track and More

Keano Gray
is a German DJ-Producer who now resides in Lebanon. He began his career as a young DJ, at the age of 16. Through advertising his talent, skills as well as pushing his name into the music scene, Keano Gray quickly received many bookings while working at a DJ agency called Feeling Sexy. Having been booked to DJ events such as the private lounge of David Copperfield & Claudia Schiffer as well as events with ICE-T, Naughty by Nature, Jennifer Lopez and more Keano Gray is becoming a powerhouse in music. He took the time out to give us some inside information about a brand new track and more. Here’s what he had to say…

How did you get your start DJ-ing and where do you currently spin now?

I started DJ-ing at a record store in Germany when I was 15, I always went there after school. I also worked at the store for one year to learn. Now I’m at Whisky Mist and Riviera Beach in the summer as their resident DJ.

Tell us about your hot new track?

“I’m so Arabic” is an easy catchy track, I talk about partying in our society. It fits 100% to Beirut nightlife, it’s about nightlife, partying and dance. This track is made for the middle east!

Where and when will we be able to hear it?

You will hear it at The site will be launched to the public in March. It will be the main song for the social network site ( for all 22 Arab countries. This site will have 2 million visitors each day, lots of traffic! You will also be able to download the track off the site.

What is the most difficult thing about being a DJ?

To be sober when you work since everyone wants to invite you to drink [laughs]. Really it’s that you have to be able to be creative and put your mind on the work at all times, if not it effects your work. You can’t let problems and personal life mix in with your work.

Lebanon is known for partying do you find it easier to DJ here because people are always ready to have a good time?

The party life is good here and I love playing here, but the easiest and where I feel is the best is in Germany and Thailand at the full moon parties.

Do you have a favorite show or event you have DJ-ed? 

Perfect Lovers in Germany and of course all my days at Riviera Beach!

Do you have any influences when it comes to your work?

My future wife influences me a lot and the crowd, the people.

Any advice you would give to an aspiring DJ?

Always keep going forward. Keep the good in you.

Any last words or a message for the people of Lebanon?

Stay chic BEIRUT.

The Grind: This section is a short answer questionnaire. When you see the word, what is the first word you think of?

Lebanon: War
Music: Production
Party: Beach
Drink: Responsible
BeirutNightLife: Party Guide
Life: Love

Your top 5 music artists that ruled 2011:

Swedish House Mafia, DJ Chucky, Adel, Arem Vam Helden, Oliver S

Your top 5 clubs in Lebanon:

Whisky Mist
Riviera-Beach parties
White, Mad

Keano Gray is currently busy DJ-ing at Whisky Mist, as well as working on an album that may possibly be out this coming summer. A video clip for I’m So Arabic is also in the works. Keano Gray is keeping busy in the music world, you can keep up to date with his happenings on his facebook page