Christmas Lights Lights Lights Across Lebanon!

Christmas decorations and fireworks in Zahle, Lebanon

The song says, “deck the halls with boughs of holly”, but over the years it’s become all about decking the streets with rows and rows of beautiful, colorful lights and decorations. Around the world, this is the time the streets really light up! And in all of Lebanon, we’ve been keeping up pretty well. Christmas decorations adorn many homes across the country, and municipalities and organizations are getting increasingly creative with their holiday designs on the streets, in various centers and public spaces.

Colorful Christmas lights on trees in Zahle, Lebanon

The Christmas spirit reigned in Zahle, where lights not only adorned the trees, but are also fired into the sky, in celebration of another joyous Christmas! Beirut’s streets saw a great many innovations in terms of decorations this year. One example is the beautiful modern rendition of the Christmas tree was set up in Beirut Central District. The many buildings and landmarks in the area have also been specially decorated for the occasion. Byblos’ traditional feel was only accented with a lovely classical Christmas tree and decorations embellishing its streets.

Downtown Beirut’s modern Christmas tree at the Beirut Central District

This year, lights from all the corners of Lebanon are shouting “Merry Christmas”!

Historic Byblos decorates their traditional Christmas tree