Cappuccino’s Grand Opening on Zaitunay Bay

The franchise boom has been gracing the Lebanese restaurant scene for a while now, and one of the newest members to this list is Cappuccino.

Hailing from Palma de Mallorca, Group Cappuccino has a goal to open more than 25 locations during its expansion. As such, Cappuccino recently opened its doors on Beirut’s popular new hotspot, Zaitunay Bay.

Flanking several other cool venues, Cappuccino stands out with its comfortable, casual ambiance and delicious, simple menu.

Indoors is a calm, classy and comfortable seating area, whereas outdoors is scenic and refreshing.

The opening on Friday hosted a full house of local celebrities, politicians and VIP guests who enjoyed the delicious canapés and drinks while listening to the lively music played by DJ Pepe Link, who flew in from Mallorca especially for the event.