Body & Beyond: Music is Power


The relaxing power of music is deep-rooted. Music has a sole connection with emotions and exploring them. Also, music influences greatly on the mind and body and can be an efficient de-stressing tool. It can help you in many aspects in your life. Let’s take a closer look.

Music Makes You Smarter…

This term has been all over science research and media (well, here I mean… either playing an instrument or listening to music). Music has actually the power to improve brain functions like reading skills, emotional intelligence, memory performance, concentration and attention. 

Music Makes You Productive…

In this scenario, the choice of music has to be different. Upbeat music will make you move easier and faster for walking, dancing or any type of physical exercises. It will make the work out feel more of leisure than a duty. What explains this phenomenon?

Music decreases muscle strain and enhances body movements. It helps you become more dynamic. In fact, listening to upbeat music creates extra energy and eliminates the fatigue efficiently.

Let’s move on to the professional side.

People usually like to listen to music in the workplace and I am definitely one of them. Did you know that you can really perform better with music? A report in the journal Neuroscience of Behavior and Physiology mentioned that one’s capacity to grasp things will be quicker while playing classical music or rock in the background.

Clear Thinking

Each and every person has a special preference for the type of music that he/she likes. However, listening to classical music is absolutely worth to try it even though many people don’t appreciate or value such music. This type of music has several health benefits: it can lower blood pressure, slow the heart rate and diminish the stress levels.

The Mozart Effect can be explained as:

Listening to music particularly classical music will help the brain by developing learning and memory skills since the processing of music has the same pathways in the brain just like memory.

Healed Heart Through Music

Music can heal your heart… literally. Laughter might be a good medicine for the heart but music is even a better one. A study reveals that whether or not an individual likes the style of music doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the musical tempo, which has great effects on being stress-free.

Ok. So try to include music into your busy life while at work, while taking shower or even while having sex. You will stay happy and healthy for the rest of your life…and that’s for sure.

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