Brings You the Official Lebanese Top 20 the Week of September 8th, 2013

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“The calm after the storm!” Indeed, after all the big changes of the last few weeks on “The Official Lebanese Top 20”, it’s back to normal with only 4 New Entries from which 2 are actually re-entries!

To start with the 1st thing we notice is that Lady Gaga manages a 3rd week on top knocking off all competition! Her song “Applause” is now even played by most of the Oriental Lebanese Radio stations which could hint a potential 4th week on Top! Awesome news for all the Gaga fans out there… A big thumbs up as well for Swedish DJ & Producer Avicci feat Aloe Blacc for retaining the Number 2 spot with “Wake Me Up”.

From the 4 New Entries this week, we have “7obbak Ma Kan Yhoun” at Number 7 from Lebanese singer Asmara, “A7la El Asami” at Number 17 from Lebanese singer Chadi Ibrahim, “Chandelier” at Number 18 from B o B Feat Lauriana Mae, and “Love Somebody” at Number 20 from Maroon 5.

On OLT20 this week we have 8 Local and Regional artists, and 12 Occidental ones! Note that you can check out the latest videos from your favorite singers on the new TV show “Hits N Bits / OLT20” on Future TV every Friday evening around 11:00pm, and Sunday evening at around 7pm for the re-run. Check the new & complete OLT20 chart by clicking on now, or via the OLT20 App available for Download on all platforms.

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