Brings You the Official Lebanese Top 20 the Week of February 24th, 2013!

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Following the very high number of new entries over the last few weeks in “The Official Lebanese Top 20”, it is now the rising number of Lebanese acts which is striking! On this week’s OLT20 we have some 9 local singers (from which 6 are in the Top 10), and 11 Occidental ones!

A big Thumbs up to our local singers and especially the 3 “N’s” Nancy, Nawal, and Najwa all inside the Top 5!! First time such a thing takes place!

What will happen next week? Will Nancy Ajram manage to reach the top or will Nawal El Zoghby do so? For the time being Najwa Karam manages a second week at number 1 with “Ykhallili Albak” her new single. Najwa Karam was this week’s guest on the OLT20 Radio Show…

From the new entries of the week, the highest one at number 2 “Ya Ghali” comes from Nancy Ajram. Others include at number 8 “Amout Wansak” from Shiraz, and at number 11 “Ana Bense7eb” from Wael Jassar. It is also worth noticing that the biggest jump of the week “Gharibi Hal Dinyi” from Nawal El Zognby jumps 16 notches to Number 5.

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