Brings You the Official Lebanese Top 20 the Week of February 17th, 2013!


What an amazing last few weeks we’ve had on “The Official Lebanese Top 20”! Following the massive 7 New Entries of last week, exactly the same is happening today with yet another 7 New Entries… And we’re talking “Top Notch” songs! To start with, we need to point out the impressive impact of Najwa Karam’’s new song as she crashes in straight to Number 1 with her latest single ““Yikhallili 2albak”” with an average of 52 Plays per week per radio station as Compiled by International Research Company Ipsos Lebanon.

From the 7 New Entries of the week, we have ““Ma Badde Shi”” at Number 12 from Lebanese singer “Superstar” Ramy Ayash, ““It’s Time”” at Number 9 from American Rock Band Imagine Dragons, ““When I Was Your Man”” at Number 15 from Bruno Mars, ““Gharibi Hal Dinyi”” at Number 16 from Lebanese singer Nawal El Zoghby, ““Suit & Tie”” at Number 18 from Justin Timberlake & Jay Z, and “Shou Mara”” at Number 19 from Majd Ayoub.

It is also worth noticing that from the 2 climbers of the week, the biggest jump comes from “”Let us move on”” from British singer Dido with Kendrick Lamar which jumps 15 notches to Number 5. Finally note that this week we have 8 Lebanese Singers and 12 Occidental ones on OLT20.

Check out the new and complete OLT 20 chart by clicking on or via the OLT20 app available for download on all platforms. Finally, note that the OLT 20 can be heard every Sunday from 6pm on Sawt el Ghad 96.7 FM and every Monday from 7 pm on NRJ Lebanon 99.1 FM. Also it’s played on a daily basis as a compact Top 20 countdown on MTV Lebanon and published weekly.