Brings You the Official Lebanese Top 20 the Week of August 25th, 2013

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So many changes and a lot of action last couple of weeks on “The Official Lebanese Top 20”! Indeed, and after the 7 New Entries of last week, that number goes up to 8 this week.. With also a crazy battle for Number 1 (like everywhere in the world) between Lady Gaga & Katy Perry, OLT20 is really a special countdown this week!

To begin with note that Lady Gaga wins the 1st round of her “battle’ with Katy Perry (who’s at Number 2 with “Roar”), by clinching her second Lebanese Number 1 (after “Bloody Mary” in 2011) with “Applause” the 1st single lifted from her upcoming 3rd studio Album “Artpop”. Things can shift quickly next week though, as Radio Airplay of both songs is almost similar.. Who will win the next round? …

From the other 6 New Entries this week, we also have at Number 4 Lebanese singer Rabih Gemayel with “3assabt 3alayha”, followed by “Shako Mako” at Number 5 from Lebanese singer Michaella, “2telni Raye7ni” at Number 6 from Sijal Hashem, “A7la El Asami” at Number 7 from Shady Ibrahim, and “Best Song Ever” at Number 20 from English-Irish boy band One Direction.

On OLT20 this week we have only 7 Local and Regional artists (all inside the Top 10), and 13 Occidental ones! Note that you can check out the latest videos from your favorite singers on the new TV show “Hits N Bits / OLT20” on Future TV every Friday evening around 11:00pm, and Sunday evening at around 7pm for the re-run. Check the new & complete OLT20 chart by clicking on now, or via the OLT20 App available for Download on all Platforms.

Finally, note that OLT20 can be heard every Sunday from 7pm on Sawt El Ghad 96.7FM, and every Monday from 7pm on NRJ Lebanon 99.1FM ! – It is also played 5 times on daily basis as a compact Top 20 Countdown on Future TV, and published weekly via all our 21 Media Partners (Dailies, Weeklies, Monthlies, Online, Outdoor, OLT20 Mobile App, and on Location)…