Brings You the Official Lebanese Top 20 the Week of October 11, 2015

OLT20 - Combined Chart - Week of Sunday October 11th, 2015

It’s a premiere for music sensation Melhem Zein as he scores his 1st Number 1 ever on The Official Lebanese Top 20 with “Lamma El 7ake” his new single taken from the original Music Soundtrack of the Movie “Chi Yom Ra7 Fell”. Don’t forget to watch the Video on the OLT20 TV Show each week on Future TV (Part of Hits’N Bits).

On this week’s chart we have 4 New Entries! The 1st of those is “Tom’s Diner” from music producer Giorgio Moroder featuring Britney Spears which comes in at Number 19, followed by “Downtown” at Number 15 from American hip hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, “Ana B Keify” at Number 14 from our friend Lebanese singer Naya, and by “Chamchala” at Number 13 from Mirva Amar.

On OLT20 this week we have 10 Local or Regional artists, and 10 Occidental ones!

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OLT20 - Number 1 of the Week