Brings You the Official Lebanese Top 20 the Week of July 6, 2014

OLT20 - Combined Chart - Week of Sunday May July 6th, 2014

For a second consecutive week, local singer Naji El Osta manages to stay on Top of The Official Lebanese Top 20 with “Set El Sabaya” his 6th Lebanese Number 1 after “Kebrani B Rassa, Kezzabi Enti, Mich Tabi3i, 3ataki 3omro, & Ossit Watan”! Osta is the only Lebanese act to Top the Chart with as many songs, in fact he’s the only act ever to Top the Chart with as many songs! Amazing feat!! ..

With little competition, he might even remain on Top again next week as we introduce the new OLT20 compilation formula which will take into account the Anghami Lebanon streaming figures.. ’The OLT20 Chart figures will still be based on Lebanese Radio Airplay as usual, but also on the Anghami Streaming Figures, all compiled by Ipsos Lebanon’’.. This will enable The Official Lebanese Top 20 to become even more representative of the Lebanese music scene.. Soon, and within the next few months, we will also include the real actual Downloads from the iOS Lebanese store into the OLT20 Chart figures as well ..

From the New Entries of the week, we have “Maps” at Number 17 from American Pop / Rock band Maroon 5 featuring Adam Levine on vocals, and “Mich Kermalik” at Number 16 from Lebanese singer Chadi Ibrahim.

On OLT20 this week we have only 3 Local and Regional artists, and 17 Occidental ones! Note that you can check out the latest videos from your favorite singers on the TV show “Hits N Bits / OLT20” on Future TV every Friday evening around 11:00pm, and Sunday evening at around 7pm for the re-run.

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