Brings You the Official Lebanese Top 20 the Week of December 15, 2013

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Amazing job this week for Eminem & Rihanna with “The Monster” which is still Number 1 on “The Official Lebanese Top 20”, for a massive 4th week in a row! For the moment nothing is expected to change next week as the difference in rotations between the Top 2 songs is still very substantial. “The Monster” is still the most played song on the Lebanese Radios stations with an average play this week of 55 rotations per Radio Station (Figures from Ipsos Lebanon). So for now both Eminem & Rihanna can relax as they’re heading for a potential 5th week at Number 1.

From the 4 New Entries this week, we have “Hey Brother” from Swedish producer Avicii at Number 11, “Ya Zalem” at Number 14 from Lebanese singer Rabi2 El Asmar, “Juliet” at Number 17 from British band Lawson, and “All Night” at Number 19 from Swedish synthpop duo Icona Pop.

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