Beirut Music Conference: Roger Shah, Dash Berlin and a lot more…

Beirut is getting ready to host a unique musical event as Signature Productions is launching the Beirut Music Conference–BMC for the first time in Lebanon from the July 14th until the 18th of July, 2010. The Final DJ line-up was announced adding even more DJ’s to the amazing series of music masters announced earlier.

The DJ Line Up announced will include:

  • Roger Shah
  • Dash Berlin
  • Seb Fontaine, George Acosta
  • Paul Jackson
  • Hed Kandi
  • Said Mrad
  • Fredelux
  • Master-Dam, Frederick Stone, Danny Neville, Fahmy & Samba
  • DJ Joey, RP-J, Disco RD

In 2010, and for the first time in the Middle-East, one week will showcase the most exclusive and notorious line up of local, regional and international DJs providing Lebanese nightlife trendsetters with a memorable partying experience. After Miami, the BMC will hit the dance floor with an exotic heat wave that will blow the minds of music lovers, dance fans and industry professionals.

  • Roger Shah:

On stage, clad in his trademark white, he is impossible to miss or mistake. Wireless keyboard in one hand, an ever−ready clutch of his own productions in the other, his live crowd−interactive performances have brought a new apex experience for club and festival goers worldwide. In 2009 this unequalled approach was reflected in DJ Magazine`s Top 100 chart, where he moved up from his `08 debut position of no.58 to no.21. As a music producer he`s scaled the heights of national charts and with 5 artist albums & compilations released in the last 2 years alone, he is very possibly the most prolific trance musician working today. His name is Roger Shah…

  • Dash Berlin:

Dash Berlin is a true deejay at heart with a profound passion for the comprehensive culture of dance music. He is often described as an invigorating and charismatic newcomer, with the unique ability to leave a long-lasting impression upon his audience well after the night is over. He keeps his ever expanding, nocturnal following alert, ecstatic and craving for more, with   remarkable precision and skill. One could easily mistake him for a superstar deejay, but the truth remains that Dash Berlin is viewing the world through the same eyes as his public.

  • Seb Fontaine:

Seb Fontaine is one of the most recognized DJs on the international club scene. Through his high profile and long-standing residencies, radio shows and compilation CDs, Seb has been at the forefront of the scene for many years and continue to showcase his electronic house grooves at high-profile gigs around the world. Initially playing soul, funk, rare groove and hip-hop, Seb started DJing at venues in West London in the late 1980s.

  • George Acosta:

The place…..Miami, Florida. The scene…..South Florida’s hottest clubs and events. The man….. George Acosta. The time…..NOW. Throughout his long and distinguished journey in the world of progressive trance and electronic music, George Acosta’s name has ranked at the top among such artists as Armin van Beuuren, Ferry Corsten, and Matt Darey. An undisputed force in representing a newly rising lifestyle and culture, George Acosta has not only helped electronic dance music rise from its underground dwelling to become the massive, worldwide experience it is today, but he has also helped shape the sound of electronic music in Miami and all over the world. DJ Times voted him “Americas Best DJ” for 2007 and global AIDS awareness foundation Dance 4 Life has appointed his their US ambassador. Enriched by two decades of experience as both a DJ and a producer, George Acosta has undoubtedly taken his rightful place among the industry’s elite.

  • Paul Jackson:

At 29 years of age, Paul Jackson is fast establishing himself as one of the UKs premier DJ talents. Yet it’ not as though Paul is new to the scene, having been behind the decks for the past 11 years. His DJ career, like so many started out as nothing more than a bit of fun, but transcended bedroom status, and took on the role of a full time job.Paul has come a long way since residing over the crowds at AMNESIA (Ibiza – ‘94), CHEEKY PEOPLE (The Cross, London – ’93-’95) and FRISKY/MOVE (Ministry Of Sound, London – ‘96-99’). T

  • Hed Kandi:
DJ Andy Daniels
Andrew has been playing to Manchester crowds for many years (where he is lovingly known as Big Danny); his name has become household to many Manchester clubbers, and has seen him play his well-developed house sound at the best clubs at home and abroad. Andrew’s passion for house music stems from his love of Rare Groove, Salsoul, Electro Funk & Disco, and his feel good music seems to captivate audiences wherever he plays.

DJ: Andy Norman

Currently part of Team Kandi and a main resident for six years now, Andy continues to grace some of the world’s greatest nightclubs across all of the continents. He’s still a part of the Kandi radio team too presenting a regular weekly show. He based his DJ style as something of a party crowd pleaser, “If you play to the ladies, you are all guaranteed to have one really great party!”
“I simply love to see people smiling and having a lot of fun.

  • Fredelux:
Born in Paris in 1973, he is impassioned as of his youth for the music; he began his collection of vinyls at the age of 9. At 14, he started his first appearances at the Palace club which enabled him to meet David Serrano with whom he played his first tracks. At 16, he started working in music stores till the age of 19. In parallel, he mixed in various Parisian clubs. In 1992, Fredelux inaugurated the night club of Disneyland Paris, where he was the resident DJ for 3 years.

  • Master-Dam:
Master Dam is one of the most talentuous French Dj and producer. His talent and his determination to work allows him to play all around the world (Ibiza, China, Las Vegas, Paris ….) but also to sign his production and remixes on the biggest label as Pacha Rec, Starlight Music DJ Center paradise … etc. The year 2010 promises to be explosive with great releases planned including Perfect Day signed on Pacha Rec, the remix of « chris garcia – the rhythm of the night » which is already hugh in US and the remix of « colita» produced by the henchmen on on the best Italian label starlight Music.
  • Fredrick Stone:
Frederick has been in music all his life. In 2002, he was resident Dj at global beach club franchise “Nikki Beach” worldwide. He moved to Dubai in 2006 and has held many roles in most of the city’s leading venues. Frederick was a resident Dj for one of the leading events in the Middle East, “Deep Night’” at “Trilogy”. He played alongside the world’s leading dance acts such as Axwell, Eric Morillo, and Deep Dish to name a few. Later, he became resident at “Sanctuary” the famous club at the Atlantis Hotel. Frederick has recently launched the “Cavalli Club”, a unique concept conceptualized and produced by global designer Roberto Cavalli.
  • Danny Neville:
Being the youngest professional dj/radio presenter in the Middle East to hit the scene in august of 2000, Dany Neville was instantly noticed for his diverse knowledge of music. ‘Radio 1’ offered the then-17 year old the grave yard shift between 2a.m to 6 a.m, only to watch as he stormed the industry for the past 8 years under their wings. In addition to hosting every single time slot in the process, he has earned the title of the Ambassador of Hiphop to the Middle East from the worlds most renowned artists; including Busta Rhymes, Alicia Keys, 50 cent, Mack 10, Beyonce Knowles, and Mos Def just to name a few. They have blessed his radio flagship weekend show THE EDGE with their presence.
  • Fahmy & Samba:
During that year Samba teamed up with some of the most famous global club labels such as Hedkandi, Pacha, Matinee Group and Heaven.
The year ended on a high with Samba’s first track release, ‘Streets of Cairo’, in which he collaborated with his associate, Ahmed Fahmy along with HedKandi beloved vocalist Peyton.

2009 has been another non-stop year, starting with the formation of Egypt’s first house label, ELECTRUM, together with Fahmy. This venture’s success was sealed with their recent collaboration with Sony Music, resulting in the release of the Fahmy & Samba remix of She Wolf (Sphinx mix) from Shakira’s latest album of the same name, She Wolf.  April 2010 Fahmy and Samba released a huge remix package for their original hit Streets of Cairo, including 11 massive mixes by Dirty Secretz, Sergio Matina, Rachel Electra and many more
  • RP-J:
Jad Boustany(aka: RP-J) a precise executioner of minimalist and progressive house. Characterized by his melodic undertones with an upbeat sensibility, ranging from bumpiní to lounginí seamlessly, RP-J has honed his craft to a fine-art. With a plethora of shows under his belt, his music has made Qatar go bump in the night for the last few years. A veteran of the Gulf scene, this diamond in the desert will be moving his operations to Jordan and to his home base; the Pearl of the Orient, Beirut. So drop your defenses and be prepared to dance all night long folks! RP-J is on the move and heís coming to your clubs to bomb you with his infectious grooves!
  • Wael el hajj ( aka: DISCO –RD)
DISCO-RD a tyrant of minimal and progressive house. Characterized by his discordial sound peaking up too a harmonic euphoria, DISCO-RD has mastered his own passion to an orchastrated blast. Born in Beirut, Resonating directly from Bahrain, his music has made a dance wave around the two shores. So be prepared folks to dance your heart out, he’s coming to your clubs to blast you with his shattering beats!

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