B.N. “ELLE” : Au Naturel-le


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Au Naturel-le

As little girls, we grew up dressing and undressing Barbie as if it was our doorway to become the adult we dreamt of.  We got stuck with wanting that Glamorous face and long locks of shiny hair. But as we grew older and wiser, we realized our skin is problematic, our hair breaks, our bodies are saggier than our former plastic friends. It helped create for us this day-to-day frustration we’re living with. And that’s why make up is there, that if you can fix it with concealer otherwise we have the surgical alternative for those brave enough.

I completely understand the need to feel pretty especially on those dreadful Mondays after a long weekend where you didn’t get enough sleep. Some days we are too pale to go out without foundation and a tint of lipstick. But I could never get my head around wearing full-soon to be smudgy- make up to the gym and the beach.

Now I know a tiny part of us is more motivated to go to the gym thanks to 6 packs and we want to look our best for when that cute guy finally gets off the treadmill to talk to us.  But the truth is, you don’t have to look that desperate with layer on layer of foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. Don’t be fooled by those “Make up tips for a natural look” everything tends to be more obvious under florescent light. You will seem desperate, that cute guy will know you’re trying too hard. Not to mention, the huge turn off effect of the joker face. Forget about making a girl friend at the gym, most girls even the sweet ones will hate you. On another note, the make-up will stop your sweat from doing whatever detox it does to cleanse your skin.


Just like you will be too scared of ruining your make up at the gym you won’t even work out as hard as you have to, you won’t enjoy the day at the beach as much if you’re not totally au naturel. I used to go to the beach with a friend until I decided that I can’t go through a day of “tip toeing” around her anymore.  I couldn’t bare another day at the beach where she wasted precious fun time fixing her make-up or trying not to ruin it (or her hair for that matter).  You ladies can be really frustrating. On normal days, it would be okay to freshen up every once in a while but not when you’re playing beach ball with a bunch of cuties.


Thanks to waterproof mascara, you can now flutter your eyelashes at the guy in the red swimming suit. Your mascara won’t get totally ruined if you get a bit emotional at your uncle’s friend’s funeral.  I grasp that although it’s a sad event, a funeral can be like a social formality where we might run into old friends and acquaintances and not to forget the municipality people especially the “mekhtar”.  My mother made me buy a new dress when my paternal grandmother died, and she told me the purpose is not to impress but to look presentable and that’s debatable but wearing full femme fatal make up is completely inappropriate. Besides meeting someone at a funeral is bad mojo .You’re better off without it. You already have enough drama in your life… Don’t you?

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I’m one of those people who can’t go out during the day with bare face. I reflect too much light; I might as well come with a warning label so I’m very pro- make up but I believe that my make-up should match the occasion just like shoes should match the dress. Of course, we all want to look like Zoey Deschanel with her doll- fake-lashed eyes but we can’t afford to have that look every day. Let’s keep those falsies and glue for nights-out and just go what looks good & natural for happy hours in Mar Mkhayel.