Appassionati!..Willpower to Go Deeper: Dr.Elie Karam & Vedic Medicine


Effervescence, vibe, and umph.. Can’t miss it when you hear a passionate person talk!

They say that the key to happiness is to follow your heart and do what you love with relentless determination- but how many of us really have the guts to venture outside the box and explore? How many hours do we spend at work or in our daily routines?

Passionate people have always fascinated me. They believe each person has potential. I am on a mission to discover what makes them tick!

Sherine B.


Dr.Elie Karam tells us about his passion for deeply entrenched wellbeing.


S.B. What does it require to take medicine a step further?

E.K. Authentic and real work needs a lot of tenacity, both to initiate and sustain.

Believing in what you are doing and allowing yourself to be inspired by great people and scientists requires strong will and endurance. This involves facing skepticism from your environment, no guarantees in your development, and moments of self-doubt when the going gets tough. I trust that the first step in undertaking any path, which is genuinely in line with your personal aspiration and real potential, is to prove the efficiency of the work to yourself first, before offering it to society at large. You need to be honest with yourself before you can be so with the person you are providing a service or guidance to.


S.B. What’s your take on relaxation, beauty, and the general quality of life?

E.K. This approach integrates health and wellbeing, to radiate beauty.

The aim of Vedic Medicine is to invigorate health, optimize body functions, prevent and markedly attenuate ageing. This includes tackling the body: as physiology, psychology, and emotions, all interlinked. It is a holistic and detailed medical approach that entails, amongst many other methods, a massage treatment with two therapists working in sync, with pure natural oils carefully adapted to your body type. At the same time as being deeply relaxing and soothing, the massage is also a health treatment. Some of the obvious benefits include glowing skin complexion, a feeling of deep relaxation, or clarity of mind.


S.B. Your thoughts on Lifestyle? 

E.K. A good lifestyle generates a healthy person.

Vedic medicine goes further into reaching the whole lifestyle of a human being. For instance, eating appropriate food, or having a positive outlook on life contributes to wellbeing. A clear example is a flexible, calm and serene person has a normal secretion of neurotransmitters and has a healthy, strong and resistant immune system. Whereas anger, jealousy, greed, or negativity are well known to significantly weaken the body’s defense system.


S.B. What does it take to start and to keep going in this field?

E.K. Science is a pre-requisite.

Anyone wanting to delve into this arena needs to go through the window of science because we are living in a purely scientific Age, we have much to gain from proving approaches. I am a man of science and I have found in this natural medicine a deep scientific approach to the human being by approaching the patient in the most subjective and integral way. I decided to be a Medical doctor, Clinical Researcher in chronic disease, and a Medical Consultant in Vedic Medicine. So far, the growing importance of this science of life is recognized by some of the most notorious research centers across the world. Dr.Tony Nader, Lebanese Professor in Neuroscience, and World Chief Executive of Vedic Medicine, an American University of Beirut and Harvard alumni, has been sponsored two years ago by the American Ministry of Health, for 20 million dollars, to deepen varied related studies with his colleagues, including Dr. Robert Schneider.


Dr. Elie Karam shares some his simplest, most basic beauty and relaxation tips.

Radiating Beauty 101:

Sip It

Start your day by sipping warm water 15 minutes before breakfast. This has the capacity to detox: to remove residues form the digestive system and cleans the urinary system.

Work It

Do sports before or after noon, with 5 p.m. being the best time. Sports at noontime accentuate overheating of blood circulation.

Juice It

If you are hungry refrain from eating 2 hours before and after sports due to low blood irrigation of the stomach. Just drink a cup of carrot juice to regenerate your energy.

Zip It

Never eat when you are physically, mentally or psychologically upset.

Pace It

Gentle indoor walking for 20 minutes before bedtime to flatten that belly while sipping hot water.

Soak It

Twice a week add 2 large handfuls of rock sea salt to a hot bath, sit for 20 minutes to maintain body tonicity, and alleviate fatigue or pain from bones and muscles.

Chill It

For ladies, first day of menses take it easy and refrain from sporting, fiery argumentation, hot spicy food, and sip warm to hot water all day.