All Seeing Owl: Self Improvement is the way to start…



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Self improvement is the way to start…

Not wanting to sound just like the other 4 million brains roaming the grounds, and being a  “boumeh” with a high sense of auto-criticisim, I decided to write about how it is a must that we start changing ourselves for the best and how the root of all the changes is each and everyone of us.

Let’s set the scene for a few of our everyday scenarios and think on how we can “be” the change.

1- You are stuck in traffic, the light turns green, but the road is blocked by cars: Now on what dimension of this universe, does you honking the horn like there’s no tomorrow, makes the traffic disappear and the road clears out for your convenience? Come on guys, everything in this world has ethics. Driving is no different. You are spreading noise pollution and complimentary high blood pressure. Take a chill pill and remember, you are not stuck in traffic, you are the traffic.

2- You are with some friends having dinner at a restaurant and you think it’s cool to make fun of the waiter or give him a hard time: First of all, the waiter is providing you with a service mainly cos you’re too lazy or incompetent to do it yourself. He’s not your property, he’s doing the job of providing you with a good service for you to enjoy your meal. So I suggest you leave your inferiority complex and the constant need to impress your surrounding at the door. Show some respect and be friendly to them. Remember he has access to your food, if you know what I mean!

3- The good old “3eref 7alak ma3 meen 3am te7keh” : Seriously people??? Seriously? Are you that big of a wimp that you constantly need to remind the people who disagree with you of what your daddy can do? And please note that this is not always a valid argument. Meaning, just like in a poker game, he would be bluffing most of the time. A piece of advice, just for the heck of it, the next time someone pops that line in your face, close your eyes and start throwing random names of celebrities and insist on him not to disclose who he is because you know can nail it! That should slap some sarcastic sense back into his air head.

4- My all time favorite “Bel Amalieh”: In this scenario you can fit any daily roleplay you like, from standing in the queue at the bank and this man comes with his hasty speech “bel amalieh but i’m in a hurry my car is double parked”. How on earth do you expect me to reply to this gentleman?  Sir, I honestly don’t care about your driving disabilities, nor am I willing to let you take my turn for I have been standing here for 20 minutes. Or for example when you make a right turn in your car into a one way street, and another car comes facing you . The driver as always, coming outside his window giving you the all time great “bel amalieh” act. People stop being selfish and accommodating everything to your narrow needs.

We must stop living in denial and cut down on those double standards. We cannot keep on breaking laws “bel amalieh” and come back shouting “wainieh el dawleh” when things backfire. Let us be the change that we seek and once we shift our way of thinking for the best, improvement will follow. For it is an outcome and not a byproduct.

I would love to end this with a quote that i often use and try to live by:

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – RUMI


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