Viaggio by iL CiRCo: A Colorful Fantasy World

“Viaggio by iL CiRCo” is in town until the end of the month at the Casino Du Liban. The colorful and entertaining show attracts both the younger and older crowd.

“Viaggio by iL CiRCo” is the tale of a young child going on her journey to a world filled with colorful fantasy creatures and hauntingly beautiful music. Join an inspiring voyage to a surreal world with its whimsical characters, breathtaking acrobatics and brilliantly choreographed journey that imparts the story of a child’s dream.

Come and enjoy “Viaggio by iL CiRCo” with its rich tapestry of songs, dance, comedy, fantasy and awe-inspiring superhuman acts of strength, grace and agility.

Don’t miss “Viaggio by iL CiRCo” a lavish musical circus extravaganza similar to a Broadway show.

A great way to spend time with your family this Christmas.

About iL CiRCo:

It combines classic Commedia dell Arte with modern cirque artistry, resulting in an experience that brings audiences to their feet.

iL CiRCo is a fantasy landscape filled with brilliantly costumed characters and creatures that possess superhuman strength, agility, and grace.  iL CiRCo’s captivating cirque acts feature some of the world’s most talented acrobats, dancers, and comedic audience interaction.

A rich tapestry of outrageously innovative costumes, an original musical score, and sophisticated choreography set the mood for this entertainment event of a lifetime. The level of talent and sophisticated production style in iL CiRCo is rarely seen outside of a Las Vegas showroom.