Theatrical Fashion Extravaganza is Back!

For the second time this year, Theatrical Fashion Extravaganza is back with a bigger and more sophisticated production. The show, which took place at the Casino du Liban and introduced by L.I.P.S. was creative leaving the crowd in awe.
The unique event brought together breathtaking international models, luxurious brands including Diamony, Fifth Avenue, Kamishibai, Joaillerie Moukarzel, Bo Design, together with crème de la crème of society invitees; this one of a kind theatrical fashion show offers entrainment , glitz and glamour.

International models moved through acting sets showing sensual lingerie in a bedroom set, evening gowns in an avenue like set, jewelry and more – all in a fascinating and artistic manner. An idea that was created by Johnny Fadlallah and elaborated by L.I.P.S., kept people mesmerized throughout the night. Fadlallah thanked the collaboration with MTV television station for all their support, as well as all the other sponsors.