SPLONGE kicks off the summer season in colors

SPLONGE DJs on the decks and a live rock band made it a night to remember.
On May 15, SPLONGE, an events community, hosted a bash in B018 Classic entitled SPLONGE in Colors, adding it to the list of their many successful events this year. The festivity brought together some of SPLONGE’s best DJs that spun the latest hits on deck, as well as up and coming rock band, Plugged, that left the invitees mesmerized.
The hottest hits of the season travelled through the crowd, uplifting souls, where guests danced the night away. SPLONGE in Colors, as the party was themed, aimed at kicking off the summer season in a colorful affair. The crowd, advised to dress in colors, blended in with the multi-colored display which livened up the venue.
Around B018 Classic, the distinct metallic SPLONGE logo hanging from chains, multi-hued balloons and the famous trademark SPLONGE lady, transformed the scene into a SPLONGE haven.
Plugged, a flourishing rock band, played some of the trendiest hits from the likes of Hotel California, Summer of ’69 and You Found Me, that left the crowd enthralled by the performance.
SPLONGE has hosted several events this year, such as a New Year’s Eve event held at Citrus, which was also a big success. Expect a SPLONGE party soon, transforming the shores of Lebanon into one big fiesta. Details will follow as the event nears.
SPLONGE is an events community that has hosted some of the most memorable events of the season, recently founded by a group of friends, as part of their project to bring partygoers, ‘events you can believe in.’ Their parties are exclusive with limited places each time, but once part of the SPLONGE group, you will vow to never miss an event.
For more information, check out the SPLONGE group on Facebook for the latest updates and soon on the website www.splonge.com.