Shakira: A Performace that made the Sun Come Out in Beirut!

Beirut New Waterfront hosted one of the biggest events of the year, Shakira Live in Lebanon during The Sun Comes Out World Tour.

The Colombian-Lebanese singer gave over the guests a night to remember. Sensual, seductive, amazing, energetic, breath-taking are but a few words used to describe Shakira’s performance in Beirut. The event was professionally organized, as she dedicated the evening to her father, William Mubarak as she thanked Lebanon for hosting her.

Some Sky photos caught by BNL’s camera.

Shakira gave the crowd a wonderful show to remember. She walked in wearing a beautiful long pink coat. Elegant and sophisticated as she ripped it off, wearing a seductive glitter top… Belly dancing of course was part of the show as she moved her tummy in the famous way everyone knows her for. The whole evening was full of energy and surprises… everyone danced liked there was no tomorrow.

The world renowned singer performed her greatest hits including her latest two albums “She Wolf” and “Sale el sol.” A lucky few from the crowd had the chance to dance with Shakira on stage… as she taught them her exclusive moves.

During her performance she sang her version of ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica intertwined with Fairuz’s Aatini Naya w Ghani.

She played the harmonica and guitar live…

As she waved goodbye to her fans, the crowd screamed our for Waka Waka theme song for the 2010 World Cup, as she said “Majnouni Majnouni”. Of course she was teasing the crowd. She came back and sang the song that has become world wide famous among old and young crowd.

She kissed the Lebanese flag warmly and thanked the crowed in both Arabic and Spanish a she bid the crowd good bye.

Confetti and fireworks lit the skies beautifully, even Shakira was mesmerized.

On that night Shakira Tweeted

[blackbirdpie url=”!/shakira/status/73857073200365568″]

Translation: “How beautiful the people of Lebanon! So many kids today with little smiling faces, one big party! I will never forget tonight.
Thank you Beirut!”