Robin Gibb Serenades Lebanon

Utter astonishment and delight could describe the state of the audience that came from all over Lebanon and the region to witness the Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb at BIEL.

Robin is the eldest brother of the most famous Pop trio to walk this Earth. His voice engraved each and every song in people’s minds, with its tremendous range and seamless fluidity.

Robin took the stage around 10:00 PM and sang till midnight. The 60-year-old legend’s age seemed to be no obstacle, with both his voice and stage presence making the audience wonder how he can still do it so perfectly after all those years.

Robin, supported by three backup singers, performed Robin’s solo songs at first, delighting the people in the audience who were familiar with them and even more so for those who were listening to them for the first time.

Towards the end, Robin unleashed the heavyweight tracks that placed the Bee Gees up on the pedestal of Pop. It was no surprise that “Tragedy” was the spark that ignited the crowd, with every single person reciting the lyrics religiously in the highest voice they could possibly reach!

Music is My Life Management and Dtales Events Management brought Lebanon a truly historical night of uplifting music that left the thousands of fans present in a feel-good mood and even more in love with the legendary Robin Gibb.