Remembering Talal Kassem at Zouk Mikael

It is nothing short of heartbreaking when you become aware of dire incidents effecting innocent people.  Last year international college student, Talal Kassem (17 years old), was tragically killed while crossing the road to school. Raged driver struck Talal in the Raouche Zone area. Although no one can change the past we can all open our eyes to be aware of negative actions demonstrated by individuals in order to work towards a safe and positive future.

A concert, produced by Cynthia Sarkis featuring L’Algerino and Faudel, took place at the Roman Amphitheater in Zouk Mikael in memory of Talal Kassem. Concert proceeds as well as generous contributions from citizens will go to “The Roads For Life” Talal Kassem fund for post accident care.

This foundation assists in training emergency physicians and trauma surgeons in hospitals across ALL of Lebanon. Lessons include the Advanced Trauma Life Support course, also known as the ATLS. This course results in improving aid and the assurance of survival for injured victims on the road within the first 60 minutes of an accident (the Golden Hour).  Citizens of Lebanon should be aware of tragedies such as this one in order to continue working towards making Lebanon safe for its inhabitants.

We urge you to be part of the movement towards safety: