Rednex at El Rancho

Cotton- Eyed Joe returned to Lebanon after 9 years in a live at El Rancho Ftouh Keserwan in a two day concert, with Beirut’s own Lazy Lung. The venue that is recognized as a resort ranch located in a remote mountain where 250 000 sq m of unspoiled, mountainous wilderness separate the ranch from neighboring villages, gathered fans of this popular popular American folk song.

People around the ranch dressed in cowboy hats and boots, yeeeeehaaaa’d on some of the best country music tunes presented on the opening night. “Cotton Eyed Joe” has inspired both a partner dance and more than one line dance that is often danced at country dance venues in the US and around the world.

The 1980 film Urban Cowboy sparked a renewed interest in the dance. In 1985, The Moody Brothers’ version of the song received a Grammy Award nomination for “Best Country Instrumental Performance.” Irish group The Chieftains received a Grammy nomination for “Best Country Vocal Collaboration” for their version of the song on their 1992 album “Another Country.” And in 1994, a version of the song recorded by the Swedish band Rednex as “Cotton Eye Joe” become popular worldwide.