Nick Warren & Hernan Cattaneo: History in the Making!!

Human waves invaded the La Marina Joseph Khoury Dbayeh venue. People from all over Lebanon, the region and the world united along with the Two Masters of Progressive House “Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo” in this night, to register not only another Poliakov successful event, but a historical one.

The musical effectiveness of this event can not be measured. The experience was exotic, orgasmic, out of this planet…. The experience was historical in all its meanings. The venue was an extravaganza with lasers, CO2 Pumps, the special tent covering not only the crowds, but a unique 180 degrees DJ booth in between six huge LED screens, projecting a live feed from lens. The sexy dancers, fire show, and the dazzling visuals were another part of the history making.

The event began with a firm warning from Jade & Diamond Setter “Buckle up ladies and Gentleman, it will be a bumpy ride!!” The warm up was up to the reputation set for making history, crowds started the night early, dancing, cheering while Nick Warren was getting ready and pumping up in the backstage, to give his best to Lebanon.

After Nick Warren, one of the masters of that night, hit the decks, the human waves that controlled the venue had one goal, to dance the night till the sun rises. The music from the stage was the perfect club mix of ‘driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound’.

When the Argentinean stepped in to take over from Nick Warren, one master of Progressive House handing the stage to another master, you can feel the crowds roaring, the stage shaking, the hype elevating till you feel goosebumps. ‘Deep, melodic and groovy’ the South American DJ approached Lebanon with his performance. More crowds were still arriving to the venue, and by 5:45 a.m Hernan handed the decks to your Lebanese international DJ Ali Ajami for more and more clubbing in the daylight.

Ali Ajami, and before the fire set by Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo was out, he hit the decks with his beats setting another fire that kept clubbers dancing the early hours of the morning witnessing the glamourous Lebanon sunshine. Clubbers of Lebanon interacted with Ali Ajami as if they have just started there night with him, dancing, cheering, jumping through the sun rays of La Marina Dbayeh.

The best sets, and long hours of this once-in-a-lifetime event. Five Dj’s, including the GODS of Progressive House took the crowds in a trip From Beirut, to England, to Argentina and back to homeland. Clubbers danced like there is no tomorrow, music was mesmerizing, hypnotic, fresh, classy, energetic aural delight for clubbing experience.

Beirut was the talk of the world, Beirut was on the international map, Beirut made history yesterday.