Air and Style Ski Fire Dragon Mzaar 2011

Air and Style Ski Fire Dragon Mzaar 2011 was a mind blowing experience featuring Salomon International Ski Riders along with Lebanese ski and snowboard riders performing breathtaking freestyle shows, jumps with live entertainment to amazing music. The event was organized by Mzaar Ski Resort, Skiing Society, Sports Experts with the collaboration of Chabab Loubnan: They organized the Air and Style during the day as well as the Ski Fire Dragon during the night.

Regardless of the bad weather that swept the mountains on the weekend, a large number of people both young and old showed up to watch the show of the year sponsored by Redbull. Also present there were Heineken Beer, Poliakov Vodka and Mentos.

The event was free for all, free drink bar as well as free night skiing… and more… check out other images of the Firedragon, the event that lasted throughout the night with shows and fireworks.