Mzaar Summer Festival 2011 – A Yearly Success Story

This years edition of Mzaar Summer Festival 2011 gave a whole new meaning to entertainment and fun. The fun packed long weekend in the mountains is something we all look forward to each year. From August 12 until August 17, Les Jardins du Mzaar turned into a hub for new creations of Lebanese artisans, painters, musicians, and designers and much more. The beautiful setting was a magnet for everyone looking for something new! The weekend included a variety of fun programs that kept everyone busy and entertained – from the eldest until the youngest.

Espace Mzaa’rt:  Over 60 artisans and artists showcased their latest work.

Espace Boutiques:  The latest decoration trends, traditional arts, table setup, furniture design and other innovations.

Espace Jardin Gastronomique: A meeting point for all food and beverage specialists of the region.

Mzaar Kids Zone: A dedicated space for children with shows, music and singing at the Igloo Parking.

Mzaar Xtreme Zone:  Bungee and rocket jumping, skate park at the Igloo Parking.