Lovely Lana Del Rey Mesmerizes Byblos


A stunning voice and captivating presence took over the ancient city of Byblos on Wednesday night when the young and beautiful siren Lana Del Rey gave a sold-out concert as part of the Byblos International Festival. Young girls in typical Lana flower wreathes in their hair, and much of the crowd dressed in her other favorite, blue jeans, praised the concert, the singer and the venue. Overlooking the port of Byblos, the American singer said multiple times how happy she was for singing to the audience in such a beautiful place. Wearing a flowing white dress that blew in the sea breeze. Lana sang her biggest hits while the adoring audience sang along, occasionally pausing to take sexy sips from her drink and continuing the concert. Ms. Lana also took the time to sign autographs and shake hands with her Lebanese fans, smiling big and being her charming self all the while. The concert, which opened with local band The Wanton Bishops, was a massive success, completely sold out, and enjoyed by everyone who attended.