Johnnie Walker® and the Golden Touch: Gold Label Reserve® Event Dazzles


DIAGEO, the makers of Johnnie Walker® brand organized a unique event to celebrate its “Gold Label Reserve®” on June 13, 2014. Known internationally as one of the label’s most premium offerings, Gold Label Reserve® is affectionately called, “the champagne of whisky and the celebration brand of Life’s golden moments. The event held at LOGE was geared to take Johnnie Walker® drinkers to the next level in terms of taste and experience during a golden themed night called, “Make it Gold.”

The evening was full of glitz and glamour as the venue was transformed into a golden wonderland, complete with gold “living statues,” professional dancers, and photographers to capture each golden moment of the night.

The memorable evening was open to the public, though several VIPs and members of the press were invited to attend the event, which was the official unveiling of the new Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve® bottle.

Gold Label Reserve articulates an entirely new Gold whisky experience, with a new texture of a much more deluxe and fine blended whisky.

The Make it Gold event was another expression of Diageo’s leadership in the spirits industry and a bold statement of Johnnie Walker’s position as the brand of choice for whisky lovers in Lebanon.