J&B Start a Party in Gemmayzeh

After their successful party-starting at Hamra on Thursday, the J&B gorgeous girls and Mirrorball Man hit Gemmayzeh to start up parties there.

Spoon, Porto and Gem were the lucky pubs that got the J&B team pass by and offer the J&B-Cola cocktail to the pub’s customers.

Each J&B-Cola drinker got a “Start A Party” special coaster to identify him or her as a true J&B party starter. MBM then took photos with pub-goers making sure everyone got a taste of the “party mix” cocktail and the night’s sticker. Of course, in line with J&B’s responsible drinking policy, every person who got a J&B-Cola drink also got a specially labeled water bottle to water-down the effects of alcohol and encourage pubbers not to have one to many drinks.

The Gemmayzeh installment of party-starting was exceptionally interactive, with Mirrorball Man and the J&B girls walking up and down Lebanon’s hottest nightlife district, dancing in the middle of the street, meeting passerby and livening up the street already bursting with life.