Incredible Dedications Concert by 8e Art at Chateau Rweiss


‘Dedications’ was more than just a concert! Following a year of music, love, entertainment and success, 8e Art, Lebanon’s leading entertainment company, held its annual concert ‘Dedications’ on a midsummer night at Chateau Rweiss with the collaboration of Mr. Roger Bakhos (LA Production), Mr. Chady Akiki (CKA), Candid Image, Faqra Catering, Moodz and Welcome Agency. Bringing together over 1,500 friends and professionals from Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Emirates and Algeria, the concert prove a staggering success with a variety of over 24 different shows presented by 8e Art.

8e Art has organized endless weddings, fashion shows and charity and corporate events throughout the year, and this annual concert is where all the 8e Art artists came together to showcase their expertise  in one night, with the name ‘Dedications’ reflecting the strong dedication by 8e Art and all its partners involved in its success.

Many groups gave outstanding performances at the concert, including Aleph Le Piano de l’Orient, Kanj, Labex, Raed, Dia Quintet, Kris B, Beuchet, O Alan, X Band featuring Xriss, 8 Rox featuring Jade, Screen Legends, Elias Rahbany, The Brain, Chady Bassar, Pierette Ramia, the soprano Corinne Metni, Eliane Saade and Carlos Azar. Guest and organizers were very impressed with the diverse and exceptional concert, and organizers thanked everyone who has made the company such a success.

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