HORECA Show Day 3

Day 3 of HORECA was absolutely buzzing! With several competitions going on including the bartending competition and the live Lebanese cooking, the atmosphere was as lively and as enthusiastic as it can get. There were thousands of people present in all three sections, eager to taste the food and drink some wine, maybe get a little scoop on what’s new in the market and what’s the next hot trend in the food and hospitality industries. HORECA covered each and every corner of food and beverages – there were hundreds of booths, some with eye-catching displays, and others with attention-grabbing products. People from all over the country flocked to Biel to participate in this year’s trade show; and judging by the traffic outdoors and the bustle indoors, it was safe to conclude that day three at HORECA was a smashing success.

The highlights:


The Atelier Gourmand hosted chef Tarek Ibrahim from Meat and Live Stock Australia, who taught his audience how to prepare slow roasted cube roll with collard greens sauce and parsnip mashed potatoes.


The Live Junior Chefs Competition welcomed junior chefs from universities, schools, and hotels who competed with several dishes to win first prize.


The Hospitality Salon Culinaire held display competitions:

Single Tier Novelty Cake

Circus Theme Friandise

Petit Four



Cold Platter of Fish, Poultry, Meat, or Vegetables

These displays were rated by the jury that constituted of several international guest chefs.


The Lebanese Culinary Heritage held a Mezze workshop, in which the Lebanese cuisine was adapted to international tastes; a special menu of the Lebanese dishes and ingredients was prepared for western tastes.


A very lively bartending competition took place, during which leading Lebanese bartenders prepared and served drinks to a jury made up of members of the press.


The Wine Lab hosted a wine tasting session featuring bodied Lebanese red wine.


The national extra virgin olive oil contest winners were announced.