Fairouz “Wows” the Crowd

An event to remember. An event that is now written in history. Fairouz on stage for the first time in over a decade… a large number of esteemed guests from Lebanon as well as the region flocked to Beil to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity.  The star started with Salemle Aley… one of Fairouz’s breathtaking tunes… The crowd was in ‘awe.’

Attention on Four Cats singer, Maya Diab, who wore an original dress with Fairouz’s photo printed on it was not to be missed… Egyptian comedian Adel Imam, members of the media like Nidal Ahmadieh, make up artist Bassam Fattouh among other artists, Politicians, members of the media are but a few examples of the thousands of guests who came to see Fairouz perform.

The ending was just amazing, in the mid of roaring applaud, and as the legend was leaving the stage, she came back and thundered the crowd with “Bokra Mnirjaa noaf maakon”. The long awaited event was finally here. Legendary singer Fairouz performed last night at Biel, in front of thousands of anticipated fans that have been waiting for the moment.