The Crazy, Fun Pink Link Sunday Brunch at Eau de Vie

As if Beirut wasn’t wild enough on weekends and weekdays, the madness is now extended further into the weekend, and specifically on Sunday afternoons.

At the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, Eau de Vie has given brunch a whole new meaning. This is the place to be from now on, every Sunday from 1pm to 5pm for the Pink Link Brunch. Why does it start at 1pm and not 11am, “it gives clubbers the chance to wake up comfortably after a night of partying. I wouldn’t want to wake up early after a Saturday night, so it’s the perfect time to wake up and have a late breakfast/early lunch,” says Fredy Pascal, the Food & Beverage Area Director at the Phoenicia Hotel.

Attending the launching of this event last Sunday exceeded my expectations and surprised me to the maximum. My friends who’d just arrived from London were also blown away by how entertaining the brunch was and began contemplating how to take the concept to London so that they don’t miss out on all the fun when they travel back.

Upon entering Eau de Vie, I noticed the whole venue was turned pink to support the breast cancer campaign. Beautiful pink Moët & Chandon glasses adorned the tables and bar as the champagne kept pouring all afternoon long. Big buckets were filled with ice . . . and syringes! Giving shots a whole new meaning, these syringe shots were filled with orange and red punch with alcohol. Everyone present enjoyed these shooters between filling up their plates from the rich buffet. The buffet was delicious! It constituted of a crepe station, a sushi and maki station, a breakfast station, a meat station, a salad station, a candy station and a delicious pink strawberry chocolate fountain station. Yummy!

The loud music pumped everyone up; those who wanted to continue Saturday night’s party, and even those who were still hung-over from partying hard the night before.

Music, shots, food – it all came together perfectly with the eye-catching pink décor. A pink shoe was placed as a centerpiece on each table, holding strawberries.

Nurses passed by each table, giving shots to the people present to “heal their hurt”. The ladies’ room had stacks of free pink lipstick to take home, and the mirrors displayed writing in lipstick, “You Rock” and “I love it, mwah!” while the men’s room displayed stickers of smiling and gasping women over the urinals.

Pink bracelets and ribbons were given out to support the May Jallad Breast Cancer Foundation (

It was all so cute, funny and fresh. I can definitely say that this concept is the first of its kind in Beirut and this is definitely what we all needed for a fun Sunday afternoon . . . when we simply don’t want the weekend to end! How fun was it? I love Sundays now – that’s how fun it was!

I’m not missing out on a single Pink Link Sunday Brunch. Bring your friends and be part of the craziness. You’ll be talking about it for weeks!

Take a look at the album below for a sneak peek into what went on during the fun afternoon.