Come Experience Sustainability Through Music and Art at Forestronika Festival

Every year, since 2008, art & music fans meet for a 4-day journey in nature to share the most precious and euphoric moments on a dance-floor under the starry sky. If you have not made it to one of these events before, urges you to step into another world at Forestronika. The Forestronika Festival offers you the opportunity to “experience sustainability through music & art”. Forestronika is a platform for music lovers, a space for campers, a safe environment to experience outdoors arts & physical activities and a mix of cultures & tastes where exchange is the most valuable interaction you can have in a peaceful surrounding.

This edition, Forestronika Festival is celebrating its 5th anniversary. All are welcome to celebrate the rebirth. Visit a place in your mind that will take you back to the roots to simplicity of joy & life in nature with nature. During Forestronika a full program is set for attendees including, eco-friendly talks, workshops to guide you to a healthier way of life – self development topics to take you through the organic benefits of foods and super-foods – recycling handcrafts for kids and adults, documentaries screening in a dedicated space day/night & not to forget daily morning and evening Hatha Yoga sessions as well a new flavor to your physical activities: Pilates sessions to help you exercise better and develop the body you need to be a sustainable temple to an aware mind. This is just the beginning, check out all the music and activities Forestronika has to offer…

November 1, 2, 3 & 4 at Woods Riverside, Yahcouch

Rain Dance Stage features: JADE, Rudebox, Bibox, G!, Dansz, 1UP, Mr Overtime, Fady Aswad, Neo, Ryan K, Trix, Rea B., Hady Basha, Artemis, RAA, Dansyndrome, Bloop, Shiva, Psynay, ZAK, Kurama, JpK, and Mini- B.

Equinox Stage features: Zeid Hamdan (Zeid & The Wings), Liliane Chlela, Bandage, The Passive Standouts, Marilyn & Zee, Jebebara, Akashic Field, Blimp, Kame7, H.A.N.G, Skaramoush, Ziggurat, Ganeshmukta, Xiebalba, Rim B., Kurama, Cosmic, Jad Taleb.

Beirut Juggles: juggling workshops, fire spitting shows. Daily yoga morning and evening collective sessions. Pilates scheduled collective sessions. Introduction to meditation and body cleansing techniques. Organic planting workshop. Composting workshop. Handcrafts activities for kids and adults. Clay station. Sculpture and painting free activities. Djembe workshops. Healing food and super-food talks. Marine biodiversity talks with green peace. Save the Arctic Intl’. campaign launch by Green Peace-open talk. AFDC talk on forest fires prevention. Art exhibition. Flea market. Braiding and dreadlocks station. Air brush live art. ATV guided tours & Hiking.

American Body Art (Virgin mega store Bldg. GF- Down Town Beirut) or Rock, Stock and two smoking buds PUB- Jbeil
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