FRANCO BIANCO LIVE! powered by Tenori-On
(Hypercolour, Dilek, Multivitamins, Unfoundsound)


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<<About Franco Bianco>>

Franco Bianco was born in Buenos Aires. He has been drawn to mixing music since the very beginning. As a teenager, he would spend his school breaks mixing tapes, then sharing his compositions with his friends. Playing vinyl since 1998, he has taken part in many events at the biggest clubs and radio stations of his native city. In 2004, he introduced himself to the world at one of the most important festivals of Argentina: the “Telecom Personal Fest”, sharing line ups with artists like: Pet Shop Boys, Morrissey, Death in Vegas and Gustavo Cerati among others.

Since 2004, he has produced, remixed and collaborated with labels such as Hypercolour, Multivitamins, and in the past years, he has also released his work on Unfoundsound, Meerestief and LessIzmore. One of the latest Fabric compilations (the Fabric 38, mixed by M.A.N.D.Y) includes Franco’s intro track: “Noches de Superacion”.

The last three years have been very intense. His career has reached a new dimension, with successful releases remixed by artists such as Marek Hemmann, Tony Rohr, Bloody Mary, Sarah Goldfarb, Federico Molinari, Seuil and Someone Else. In 2007 he went on a world tour which began in Australia, through Egypt and 13 other countries.

While on the road for over 4 months, he totaled 32 “Franco Bianco Live!” presentations, sharing line ups with Steve Bug, Tiefschwarz, Matthew Johnson, Dominik Eulberg, Marco Carola, and many more.

He went on tour again in 2008 in Europe and Central America, to support the Mola vinyl and Origenes EP released that year. Once again, it was a huge experience which has added new locations to the list of countries Franco has played in: Lithuania, Poland, Colombia, Dominican Republic and last but not least, the Argentinean edition of the “Creamfields Buenos Aires”, one of the biggest festivals around the globe. His first EP on Dilek Records, Mola (with remixes of Tony Rohr & Bloody Mary), was a total success. It is still played today by Laurent Garnier, Anderson Noise, Ivan Smagghe, Andre Crom, Nathan Coles, Tim Xavier, Brothers Vibe, Loco Dice and others.

This last year, 2009, was devoted to numerous gigs in several countries (such as Denmark, Spain, Cyprus, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and Mexico). He also started a new tour, which closed on December 31, to support the Planchete Lateral EP on vinyl. The latter was remixed by Marek Hemmann and garnered enormously positive feedback from big names such as Stephan Bodzin, dOP, Karotte, Italoboyz and others, while it was already sold out a few days only after its release!

Furthermore, much of Franco’s creative efforts have been dedicated to grow his vinyl label, Dilek Records, where one can find artists like Pier Bucci, Alexi Delano and Mathias Schaffhäuser amongst others. He has also developed a digital sub label, Darek Recordings. In December, his third EP named Garchantes was released on Hypercolour and became an instant success again, as it was played and reviewed in many countries.

Franco had the opportunity, during his last 2009 tour, to play for the second time at “Creamfields Buenos Aires” as well as other new places. 2009 was full of new challenges. Stay prepared for what’s coming up next!
Be sure to keep an eye on Franco in 2010. He will surprise you with an astonishing new live act as well as a collaboration with Yamaha and their Tenori-On instrument, all planned to kick off in April 2010! You will experience an innovative and different dimension while listening to his all improvised “Franco Bianco Live!” stage productions involving this new instrument. Franco is going where nobody has gone yet! Expect it to be the perfect meeting of sound, light and the avant-garde. 2010 will be a particularly eventful year for Franco since he is currently working on new releases and remixes. In collaboration with Nacho Benedetti, he is producing an album containing remixes of no other than Oscar-winning artist Jorge Drexler, who is also a very famous Uruguayan singer and author. Franco Bianco’s discography can also be looked up on Discogs directly.
Stay tuned for the upcoming projects of this talented and boundless artist, always there to make you savor unforgettable moments on the dancefloor.