Wicker Park A Concept To Celebrate Nature By The Sea

Name: Wicker Park A Concept To Celebrate Nature By The Sea

Details: Wicker Park will include:

A Musical Concert


Jammit the band

Pierre Hashash


Flying Circus

Green Pepper

The MAKoustics

Art Exhibitions

Our idea behind this project is to influence people on more than one aspect, environmentally, musically, artistically, and culturally. We want to be able to make statements on more than one matter through music and art, and hopefully people will be able to relate to our messages.

Our aim through this event is to promote an environmental awareness issue. We believe that together through the talents of young Lebanese

artist, we will be able to urge the youth to respect Mother Nature and act socially responsible.

Who Are We:

Members of the NGO “Lebanon Green Again”, we are a group of young talents with a diversity of interests who got together in a common goal to inspire our generation and resort to action.

Working closely and under the patronage of the Ministry Of Environment, the festival will be carefully communicated as part of the Ministry’s nationwide effort to promote the preservation of our environment and the rich ecological aspect of our nature.

History of LGA:

Founded in 1968

Original goal was to preserve birds and regulating the laws of hunting.

Stopped functionning because of the Lebanese civil war.

Re-activated by a group of environmentally active people in 2009, under the name of LGA

(Lebanon Green Again)

LGA is the general secretary for the national permanent environmental forum.

Place: Daou garden, Main street, Batroun

Tel: 03-070 331  /  03-125 328

Date: 11 June 2011

Time: 5:00 P.M