Whisky Mist With Cirque Du chic

Name: Whisky Mist With Cirque Du chic

Details: Live entertainment, a parade of circus-style theatrics: gravity-defying acrobats, stilt walkers, professional dancers and more in a daring burlesque atmosphere… Experience an all-out playhouse as the Mist brings clubbing to a whole other level.

With a special appearance by ‘Les Femmes Fatales’ starring Jude Elliott – lead singer and summer resident at Pacha Ibiza.

For info and reservations call 71 017 102 or 01 35 70 70

or email: tablebooking.beirut@whiskymist.com

Place: Whisky Mist, Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut

Tel: 01-357 070  /  71-017 102

Date: 14-15-21-22 October 2011

Time: 10:30 P.M