Visit To The Lebanese Air Force Base In Rayaq

Name: Visit To The Lebanese Air Force Base In Rayaq

Details: Dear Wild Lebanon participant you will have the opportunity on Wednesday February 9,2011 to visit the Air force base in Rayaq this is a great privilege for us . This event is definitely like no other! In addition to visiting and discovering the base of Rayaq , we will have the occasion to get to know more and more about our Lebanese Air force Heroes who lift up high the name of our country :

· 1st we will get a welcome hospitality

· 2nd we will visit the museum of the Air forces .

· And after we will see a power point presentation .

· At the end we will examine the airplanes and the helicopters

Lebanon is in the middle of the oldest sites of wine production in the ancient times the Phoenicians was spreading wine throughout the Mediterranean sea….We will continue and the next stop will take place in Massaya Massaya, “Twilight” is the brainchild of two dynamic Lebanese brothers who have harnessed the potential of their fabulous terror to the know-how of two French wine-making dynasties. Since Biblical times, Lebanon has been acclaimed for its prized Bekaa Valley wines. Today, this bijou winery, with its clay-limestone vineyards, nestled between the mountains and the Mediterranean, produce a range of unique wines that captures the spirit of the Levant.

And now as we are tired and hungry we will pass to the Arc en Ciel village in Taanayel to take a Lebanese traditional lunch it will be optional . For the ones who desire a smooth hike is available in the village . And If we still have time we will pass to Anjar temples .

We are proud to have such ideal tour, come to share with Wild Lebanon .com an unforgettable moments altogether….


– Normal :40,000 LBP

N.B. Pay in the bank 35000 and save 5000 lbp (save time and buy many trips and it will be saved in your account)

Place: The Lebanese Air Force Base, Rayaq

Tel: 04-922 999  /  03-666 565

Date: 9 February 2011

Time: 8:00 A.M