Twice the Vice @ the basement with ALI AJAMI

Pablo____ & Rudebox present: Twice the Vice with Ali Ajami

To Ali, his djing excellence is a function of his honesty and compassion. He is terribly ambitious for his cause, but personally humble. His ad-hoc style allows him to entertain his crowd, and connect with them, while pushing them through his music. His growing career tells the story …
From humble beginnings in 1995, ..Ali Ajami.. moved from ..Lebanon.. to the booming town of ..Orlando.., ….Florida…., a burgeoning dance hub heavily influenced by the British styles of Sasha and John Digweed, and breeding local American rising talents. With his first exposure to the world of house music there, Ali was hooked, and his passion for the music and performing began.

His djing career took off when he moved to ..Montreal.. in 1997 and started with a group of friends Liquid State of Mind (LSM), an event production and promotions company that set the stage for the progressive sound in ….Montreal…. through their popular events at various clubs in the city. In 1999, he moved to Boston and landed a residency at the legendary Chrome Thursday night at Axis with John Debo, and a year later, secured a second residency at Avaland Fridays at Avalon (a 2,500 capacity night that gained international recognition for its world class production and bookings), holding that residency for 4 years. Both residencies provided him with the opportunity to play alongside the best and biggest international acts. His consistent performance gained him massive recognition among the international dj circuit, and earned him ‘Best DJ of the Year’ award in ….Boston…. for the year 2003.

During his years in Boston, Ali had the honor of appearing twice on John Digweed’s infamous KISS 100 radio show, receiving great reactions on both appearances, and was listed as a ‘Future DJ Hero’ to look out for by John Digweed, Danny Howells, and Max Graham, in the ‘DJ Magazine Top 100 DJs’ issue for 2004. To be named that by artists that have majorly influenced him to become a DJ is a dream come true for Ali, but also a true result of his apparent talent, and passion for the music.

Ali’s apparent abilities extended beyond Dj’ing though, as he got involved in production and in the record label business; starting off first as head A&R for Sporadic Groove in 1999, a local Boston label, where he played a key role in signing on successful artists for the label; and then launching his own labels (Chug Records and Opek Music) with his LSM crew, and heading the A&R for both. On the production side, his collaborations with partners Chris Micali and Matt Wasley has been released on top independent dance labels such as Bedrock, Nu-Republic, Swift, and Vapour. Through these projects, Ali remains firm to his original goal – to promote the music he is passionate about, and to work with artists that inspire him

Perusing his goal further, Ali relocated to ..Dubai.. in 2005, where he landed a residency with Deep Nights at Club Trilogy, and more recently with Club Sanctuary at the Atlantis Hotel, where he has been exposing his unique sounds to the ….Dubai…. masses and playing alongside some of the world’s biggest DJs on a weekly basis. Ali quickly established himself as one of the top DJs in Dubai and the Middle East, winning the 2006 Thirst Studio Gulf Regional competition, providing him with the opportunity to work with Groove Armada in their London and Barcelona studios, and affirmed his position as one of the most respected artists in the region.
For Ali, what is constant is adaptation while preserving his core strength. His underlying criterion is simply quality, and cutting edge music. And this cannot be better reflected than in his current sets and production.



Doors Open @ 10.30 pm

Free Entrance Before Midnight – $25 After Midnight

For Reservation: 70959698