Together For a Healthy Life

O club has to promote protection, enjoyment and understanding of the mountains, forests, water & trails. O Club develops self-awareness and active group dynamics for different target groups.

Our upcoming event is a Rally paper by bikes, previewed for Sunday 19th of September, gathering a range of well known organizations & companies aiming to preserve the natural environment. This event will be accomplished with the help and presence of our below mentioned partners:

–       Green Peace

–       Arc en Ciel

–       Med Kits (For safety and evacuation)

–       Tannourine Natural Reserve

–       Le C (Fitness Center)

–       Polar Monitoring Heart Rate watches

–       AFDC (Association for Forests Development & Conservation)

How the Rally will proceed?

–       The Rally will be formed of 7 stages occupied by the partners mentioned above. To find their locations, every team has to answer questions and solve charade to find the respective locations.

–       The stages will be located within the region from Beirut by bike, Ain el Mraiisse, Raouche seaside, Ramlet el Bayda, Selim Slam Bridge, Back to Raouche, Phoenicia, Starco, Martyrs square, and Beirut by bike.

–       On the stages, you will have to answer questions or play games or solve tests; all related to the Rally theme “Together for a Healthy life”. Every team has to score points over 10 on each stage; the stage responsible will sign your paper and check the points by assuring that the whole team will execute the task.

–       The Rally will start @ 9h00 a.m. and take end @ 1h00 p.m. Kindly note that you have to be present @ 8h00 a.m. sharp to receive your bikes, T-shirts and get the necessary info. Please bring your ID and for the participants less than 18 years old they should bring parents ID also.

–       After the competition, we will be gathered in Beirut by bike place to award the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd Team.

Why forming groups?

–       O Club by choosing the Team competition assures the team work, the group effort to achieve a stage and to give the opportunity for companies, institutions or any social entity to promote their services by putting signs, wearing hats or handling banners during the event.

–       If you are one of the above and you have the same target; please don’t hesitate to contact us on the contacts shown below. This option is available for all groups to promote the profits from operating a bicycle.

For Info ,registration and payment:

Click on our website and register the name of the team and the team members through the event “Together for a Healthy life”. As for payment, visit any Bank of Beirut branches and settle the amount of the group by mentioning the team leader name on the statement of account (account number 453864) (opening hours BOB ABC Achrafieh till 9h00p.m. during week end)

Randa EL BACHA on 961 3 854038.

O Club’s aim is to create a chain of people environmentally oriented! Be part of this event, be ONE of us!!

Wish you safety and luck.

O Club Team

This event is sponsored by :