The Night of the AdEaters / La Nuit des Publivores


The Night of the AdEaters (La Nuit des Publivores) is perhaps the festival-show you have been waiting for. With 35% of French language adverts, this cult event which offers you during 6 hours non-stop, 500 of the finest, most amazing, funniest and most unexpected advertising films from the whole world set to a devilish rhythm, today draws in close to 15.000 fans every year in Paris.

“ADEATERS” fever also stri…kes abroad. 180 town…s have already held THE NIGHT OF THE ADEATERS in 60 countries from Milan to Jakarta, from Warsaw to Hong Kong, from Berlin to Novossibirsk and even Bagdad!

The concept remains the same: a unique festival full of surprises for new audiences who participate unreservedly in an enthusiastic fairground cum rock concert atmosphere. The sold-out media impact is guaranteed!

THE NIGHT OF THE ADEATERS is cinema, show time, a witness of our times, a language shared by all audiences.

It can be appreciated by French educated people, English educated, and Arabic educated, because with advertising, no need for subtitles. The message is short and dense enough to be understood by all, above the problems of language and culture. A Cameroon ad. for “Gitanes, the strong man’s cigarette” will not fail to make a New Zealander viewer laugh, and an Indonesian film on the protection of the rain forest will strike a deep note with a Chilean ad-guzzler.

The Night of the AdEaters will be held for the 7th consecutive year at the Palais UNESCO in Beirut.

The event is presented by “IBL Bank”.
Produced by 2U2C

Date : Saturday November 6 & Sunday November 7
Venue : Palais UNESCO – Beirut

Tickets on Sale at all Virgin ticketing branches, and online at

Tickets Prices : Regular 22,500 L.L. / Students : 15,000 L.L.

Sponsored by IBL Bank
with SKYY Vodka, MEA and Impact BBDO

Printing by Aleph
Official Hotel : Hotel Albergo