The New You


Name: The New You

Details: Have you ever felt chained with your limiting beliefs about life, relationships,career? Have you ever wanted to change so badly but didn’t know from where to start? Have you ever wondered what if? What if you unleash the great potential inside of you? What if you find the passion that drives you? What if you master the art of relationships?

Now is the time to step up … Now is the time to reveal the secret behind success… Now is the time to invest in yourself… Now is the time to say YES.

YES to change!

YES to high standards!

YES to passion!

YES to happiness!

YES to motivation!

YES to self confidence!

YES to the new you!

It’s not a dream it’s reality

You can you will be …you deserve to be

The solution is easy and awaiting for you to take action…

After its huge success the new you is back.. Is back to change your life. To change the way you view everything around you including yourself.


Anthony Rizk

Anthony has been a student and researcher of human behavior patterns, lateral thinking, behavioral change, NeuroLinguistic Programming and hypnosis for many years. He is NGH Certified, a peak performance strategist and coach, a NeuroLinguistic Programming Trainer, a Corporate Trainer and a Motivational Speaker.

Choose success! choose to walk with Anthony into this journey of self awareness and peak performance!

Join us at the most effective motivational event on February 23rd and take back control of your life

Investment Fees: USD 100 per person

*Group and Corporate Discounts are available

Place: Gefinor Rotana Hotel, Hamra

Tel: 01-866 020  /  01-866 010  /  03-499 262

Date: 23 February 2013

Time: 9:30 A.M