The Monday Night Hip Hop Reunion DJ X-Method At Flipside

Name: The Monday Night Hip Hop Reunion DJ X-Method (Cyprus)

Details: While we await the highly anticipated comeback of our resident Dj SOTUSURA, we will be hosting this week another international Hip Hop talent DJ/Producer X-Method straight from Cyprus.

Open mic for MCs as usual!


I can remember listening to unreleased tracks on pirate radio from the age of 8, since then i caught the illness… “B-Boy” Beat Boy, I always had music with me, at the age of 10 Hip Hop and music was a way of life, we dressed Hip Hop, Listened to it, Beat Boxed, Graffiti’s it and of course Break-Danced to it. I used to bring my ghetto blaster to school in my bag and we used to break dance battle to my home made mix-tapes!!

Further down the line of course became more and more obsessed with beats and music i became a DJ / Producer, acquiring scratching and mixing skills from the age of 17, i was the youngest resident Dj of the capital of Nicosia (Cyprus) at the time, club named “Africana” (1989-1992).

I have been producing and Dj-in for the past 14 years; I’ve been resident DJ to some classy venues and held up my rep as “Master of R&B” on the decks from London to Ayia Napa to Lebanon ….

Just finished collaboration Arabic/English/French Hip Hop Album with Dj Lethal SkillZ from Lebanon, took us 3 years! ”New World Disorder” and currently working on the follow album “KARMAGEDON” which features some of the finest MC’s of the Middle East.

Flipside-Strictly Vinyl

Place: Flipside Mar Mikhael

Tel: 70-526 625

Date: 29 November 2010

Time: 8:30 P.M