The 2nd Lebanon H.O.G Tour 2010

Read very slowly: Lebanon…. HOG….TOUR
Now close your eyes and imagine:
Ride-outs with an early morning sun at your shoulders,a long line of cust on chrome and thundering pipes snaking through green valleys,up over the crest of a mountain;fresh air and a view of the sea in the distance,pit stop laughs,BBQ s,cool drinks,and evening road tales,1000 miles of riding,1000 memories,brotherhood,sisterhood,three days over coast,mountain and valley,no thoughts,no worries,total freedom…

The 2nd Lebanon H.O.G Tour 2010 Arrival Ceremony Sunday October 3 2010 at 6:00 pm Marty’s Square parking Solidere Meet us there!

open your eyes.
Grab that dream.Make it happen.
The 2nd Lebanon H.O.G Tour
It’s real.October1-2-3
Be part of it.

30-SEP: Registration
10:00 AM Registration and package hand-out starts H-D Beirut Dealer / Kantari-Beirut
6:00 PM Registration and package hand-out ends H-D Beirut Dealer / Kantari-Beirut

1-OCT: Opening Ceremony, Tour Starts – Beirut, Ehden, Cedars
8:00 AM Meeting point doors open/B-Fast & Coffee Biel Parking Lot / Biel-Beirut
8:30 AM Registration and package hand-outs open Biel Parking Lot / Biel-Beirut
9:00 AM Group formation starts Biel Parking Lot / Biel-Beirut
9:30 AM 1st group breifing Biel Parking Lot / Biel-Beirut
9:45 AM 1st group leaves / Tour starts Biel Parking Lot / Biel-Beirut
10:30 AM Last group leaves Biel Parking Lot / Biel-Beirut
11:15 AM Arrival at first pit-stop Medco Station / Monsef Highway
11:45 AM 1st group leaves /towards Shekka Shekka Highway
2:30 PM Arrival at Ehden restaurant / lunch Ehden
4:30 PM Last group leaves restaurant Ehden
5:15 PM Arrival at Cedars / Hotel check-in Cedars – Cedrus & L’Auberge Des Cedres
8:30 PM Dinner starts L’Auberge hotel garden

2-OCT: Cedars, Baalbek, Faraya
9:30 AM Briefing starts at gathering point Cedars Ski Parking Lot
10:00 AM 1st group leaves towards Baalbek Ainata / Deir El Ahmar / Shleefa / Eaat
11:45 AM 1st group arrives at Baalbek / 1hr Pit-Stop Baalbek / Baalbek Temple
12:15 PM 1st group leaves baalbeck towards Faraya Douris / Nabi Rched / Hadeth
1:30 PM Arrival at Faraya parking Ouyoun el Siman / Warde parking
1:45 PM Arrival Mzaar. & Other hotels / Lunch+check-in Ouyoun el Siman / Faraya
4:00 PM Start of organized short rides Faraya-Kfardebyan Region
8:30 PM Dinner party starts Rikky’z Faqra

3-OCT: Faraya, Zahle, Barouk, Beit-Eddine, Damour, Beirut – Closing Ceremony
9:00 AM Meeting at Warde parking Ouyoun el Siman
9:15 AM Breifing starts Ouyoun el Siman
9:30 AM 1st group leaves towards Sannine Faqra / Kanet Bekiche
10:30 AM Arrival at Sannine / 15min. pit-stop / group photo Mount Sannine
11:00 AM 1st group leaves to Kefraya / 15min. pit-stop Zahle / Chtoura / Aameeq
12:30 PM 1st group leaves towards Ramlieh Maaser El Chouf / Barouk
2:00 PM Arrival at Ramlieh / Lunch Ramlieh Chouf
4:00 PM 1st group leaves Ramlieh towards Saadiat Beit-Eddine / Dmeit / Mghaireh
4:45 PM Arrival at Saadiat / group re-formation IMP gas Station/ Saadiat
5:15 PM All participants leave towards Beirut Damour / Khalde / Selim Salam
6:00 PM Arrival at finish-line / Closing ceremony starts Beirut Down Town
9:00 PM Tour Ends See you next year